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Cashier Section
In-charge of collection of cash from tuition fees and other source of fund that will be used by the Colegio to sustain its daily operation and future projects. Cashier section has a direct connection to the students in terms of payments of tuition and etc.

Investment Section
In-charge of revolving of funds, investment of Colegio’s monetary resources such, it earns interest income, funding of payments and other financial needs of the Colegio. The investment officer guarantees funds for any project that the Colegio is planning in the future. It also handles banks transaction from deposits and withdrawal of cash. There is no direct effect as to the function of the investment to the students of the Colegio for it function internally within the operation.

Purchasing Section
This section is tasked to procure materials and equipments of the Colegio in a manner of doing canvassing and assuring that the product bought is of good quality and has a lower prices compare to the existing market markup. In connection to students, the procurement section sustains the needs of the students through acquisition of educational materials that are needed in the daily operation of the academic division in an aim to provide quality education.

Property Section
Tasked to monitor the resources to Letran, supply distribution, releasing of material to different departments. This section ensures that all goods being carried inside the Colegio and being pulled-out should be well monitor. The property section has a vital position in assuring that all resources are accounted and well utilized. In connection to the students, the property section provides assistance to the needs of the students in terms of issuance of pullout, authorization to use certain equipments, concentrating more on the equipment usage.

Business Unit and Dormitory
Revenue Center, these sections are the income generating sections in the finance and resources department. These two areas generate income for the Colegio thru sale of school supplies and rents. These two primarily functions to deal directly to the needs of the students in providing educational materials and a place for the knights to have a safe place to stay during their stay in the Colegio.

Contact Information
Vice President for Financial Affairs 5271783 | 5277693 loc. 401
Office of the Comptrollership 3091741 | 5277693 loc. 411