Over a period of nine (9) years, it has grown to include a population of thirty-eight (38) students and fourteen (14) professors, twelve (12) of them serving the College on a fulltime basis and two (2) on a part-time basis (based on 1st Semester, S.Y. 11-12 data). While those working on a full-time basis at Letran College are readily available for consultation with the students and other academic-related activities, the part-time professors bring to their classrooms their wealth of experience born of long years in the teaching profession, thus filling the gap between the academe and the “real” world outside the classroom.

Likewise, the College considers it a special feature and a privilege to be able to expose the students to both public and private school situations for their field study and practice teaching experience.

At this point in its history, the small population of both students and teachers find it a joy to belong to the College of Education. If there is any part of the College where the family spirit and the spirit of “Arriba Letran” are so concretely expressed and lived, it is in this little corner of Letran where teachers follow their students through several courses with so much knowledge of each one, and with so much concern for their well-being. Students have openly and often expressed their appreciation for the commitment of their teachers to each one of them.

A point of pride is also the high rate of board passers from among the school’s small population.

Thus, humbly and quietly, starting with the school’s efforts to apply for a Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges & Universities (PAASCU) pre-survey visit in S.Y. 2009-2010, the College of Education has gone on to apply for formal accreditation, which is set in August 2011.

The Bachelor of Secondary Education program is structured to meet the needs for aspiring secondary teachers through the implementation of academic requirements and practicum. The program aims to producs excellent teachers in different fields or specialization.

Graduates of the BSEd programs are expected to be competent and dynamic, and to demonstrate values, skills and competencies, specified in the objectives of the College of Education.

Departmental Objectives

General Objective

The College of Education purposes to attain the highest good for all its students so that they may enjoy happiness, security, contentment, dedication and commitment as future educators.

The objectives of the programs are:

  • Participate willingly and effectively, on a volutary basis, in the total formation of members of Letran Dominican Laity
  • Implement the objectives, academic policies and standards of the the department
  • Serve as agents for moral regeneration and for social progress
  • Provide leadership in the field of research
  • Participate in seminars, conferences and training programs
  • Articulate appreciation and pride in the teaching profession
  • Produce graduates who are competent and dynamic with refined attitudes, habits of conduct and interests
  • Organize spiritual and community service activities to meet the economic and social needs of its members
  • Network with other academic institutions and with national and professional organizations of education
Academic Programs

Courses are taught by experts in their respective fields who share knowledge and experience in the areas of educational psychology, reading strategies, teaching methods, assessments, classroom management, and curriculum development. Opportunities are provided to apply concepts, theories and research throughout the teacher preparation program. Assignments within many of the courses, guide students through observational experience practicum and student teaching practices. Students learn to cultivate the potential of the children and prepare them to lead the world to a better community.

The four-year degree program provides academic preparation for prospective teachers through applicable ad appropriate general education and professional courses. Field study and practice teaching are also provided for the students to have "hands-on" training in teaching.

A BS Education graduate will grow to be an ideal teacher and facilitator-someone who is confident, creative, resourceful, intelligent and kind.

  • Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Math

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