Through all these years, it has produced a number of graduates who have made a name in the different fields- business, sciences, medicine, politics, entertainment, sports, arts, and many others. This is just an indication of the school’s ability to prepare and mold their high school graduates in the Dominican way of becoming integral persons who are ready to face the challenges of tertiary education in any field and eventually emerging into world class professionals.

At present, the Letran High School continues to put premium on the quality delivery of its educational services as it continuously works for the improvement and upgrading of its material and human resources. Now one of the pillars of the Basic Education Department of the Colegio, the other being the Elementary Level, the Letran High School has extended the offering of quality education to high school girls when it opened its doors to Lady Squires during the school year 2005-2006 in the First Year and during this school year 2006-2007 in the First and Second Year Levels.

Departmental Objectives

The Office of the Academic is responsible for the total development of students.

Curricular Program

To successfully implement the High School academic programs.

  1. To improve the quality of instruction through proper implementation of the systems and procedures designed to achieve the academic objectives of the department.
  2. To maximize the use of varied teaching strategies integrating the use of technology in the classroom instruction.
Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Program

To provide organized, varied and challenging co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that would develop the potentials of the students so that they become well integrated individuals.

  1. To provide the students with services towards the attainment of wellness and an integrated personality.
  2. To properly manage the department’s admission, enrollment, schedule and placement.
  3. To orient the properly monitor the students’ discipline.
  4. To give recognition and awards to student for excellent performance.

To enhance the school’s relationship with the community through linkages and networking with other schools and agencies and through active involvement of the faculty and students in outreach activities.

Material Resources

To provide and maximize the use of facilities that will meet the needs of students and teachers.

Human Resource Development

To provide opportunities that will help enhance the personal and professional competencies of the academic and non-academic personnel of the department not only for their own benefit but also to enable them to actively and intelligently participate and contribute to the fulfillment of the vision-mission of the Colegio.


To provide a mechanism for a more efficient and more effective functioning of the school.

Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Program

To provide organized, varied and challenging co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that would develop the potentials of the students so that they become well integrated individuals.

Academic Policies
  • The grading system used by the High School is averaging.
  • The components of every periodic grades are:
    • 1/3 – from the quarterly examinations
    • 1/3 – average of the formative and summative tests
    • 1/3 – class standing
  • The passing grade in each subject is 75%.
  • Any student who fails to take the periodic test shall be given examinations to be scheduled by the Principal’s Office. Failure to avail of this would mean a grade of 50% in the periodic test.
  • Failure in conduct at the end of the school year means non-admission of the student in the following year.
  • A student who incurs failures of 2 units or less will be readmitted the following year provided that he will enroll and pass the said subject during the summer term immediately following.
  • A student fails in subjects equivalent to 3 or more units is considered a repeater. He may not be readmitted the following school year.
  • The parent is required to get the report card of his son/daughter on the scheduled date of distribution and to attend the Parent-Teacher conference schedule on the same day.
  • Elementary and Junior High School students entrance and exit shall be at the BACK GATE.
  • Parents/ guardians with vehicles are not allowed to park inside the campus.
  • Designated waiting area is located at the St. John the Baptist Building before the turnstile.
  • Janitors will be assigned to help the pupils in Kinder, Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3 in bringing their bags in the classroom and to attend to their emergency needs.
  • Parents /guardians/ kasambahay are requested to wear decent attires. Wearing of slippers, shorts, sandos, mini-skirts and other skimpy outfit or revealing attire is prohibited.
  • Parents and guardians are advised to refrain from sending their children to school with expensive jewelry, gadgets and large amount of cash as the school will not be liable for any losses.
  • Feeding of elementary students may only be done during the allotted time (12:00-1:30 P.M) at the Student Center canteen only. Our facilities for meals are primarily intended for students. Everyone is also advised that the school maintains a “no styro” and “clean-as-you-go” (CLAYGO) policy. Parents/ guardians/ kasambahay need to log-in at the information center located at the main entrance.
  • All items left by students shall be endorsed to the EBG Office and will be declared lost and found items. Leaving food and perishable items at the security guard area is NOT permitted.
  • Parents/ guardians/ kasambahay are NOT allowed to fetch their children from their classroom during dismissal. They should wait at the pedestrian with shed next to the back gate.
  • No vendors are allowed inside the campus.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the campus and within 50 linear meters from the Colegio’s premises.
  • All visitors must state their purpose to the guard in-post at the entrance and must register at the information counter.
  • Firearms and any deadly weapon are strictly prohibited and are NOT allowed inside the campus. Prior to entry, all firearms and any form of deadly weapon should be surrendered to the security officer.
  • Visitors are NOT allowed to talk directly, scold or even verbally malign any student/learner. Likewise, it is strictly prohibited to make any physical contact or directly assault any student/learner whether the said student/learner is a relative or not.
  • Any damage in the school property incurred by your action, deliberate or not, shall be charged to the concerned person accordingly.

Admissions Office
Trunkline: 527-7693-97 local 345
Direct Line:527-9730

Registrar's Office
Trunkline: 527-7693-97 local 331
Direct Line: 301-0720

527-7693 loc. 331 to 333

Public Affairs
527-7693 loc. 641