Gonzales awarded in Canadian math tilt

May 23, 2016


Math wiz Andres Rico Gonzales has yet again brought recognition to the Colegio after topping the Cayley Contestof the 2016 Canadian Mathematics Contests.

The Center for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) of the University of Waterloo in Canada recently announced Gonzales’ achievement, which includes being one of the five Filipinos who received recognition from the international competition.

The awarding happened last May 21 at the Hope Christian High School.

According to CEMC, the participants of the competition were approximately 60, 590 worldwide, 237 of them were Filipinos who made it in the top 25% in each contest of the 2015 Canadian Mathematics Competition.

Gonzales is not a stranger to winning international competitions, garnering success in Singaporean and Australian meets, among others. He also gained recognition when he achieved a perfect score at the 2015 Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contest.