The office is committed in providing leadership in the development and maintenance of the information and communication technology infrastructure with the end in view in providing excellent service and administrative support on the colegio’s daily operations. It is also tasked in implementing the different systems of the colegio that would benefit its computerized operations..

The data stored in our servers are treated with unconditional confidentiality to ensure its sacredness. These servers are solely accessed by duly authorized personnel in order to ensure that the data are valued, appreciated and treasured.

Our people have displayed unwavering support to the cause and ideals of the colegio. They have demonstrated their steadfast loyalty to the principles of the institution. They can be depended on in prioritizing Letran-First above the rest.

Continuous Improvement
We will not rest on our laurels as we will continue to search for new technological ways in developing new and improving existing systems in order for us to meet the needs of the Letran community. We understand and accept the needs of our customers for a prompt and an accurate data. We serve their needs with unwavering empathy and utmost urgency.

Our Objectives

The Information Technology Services Department (ITSD) empowers the Letran community to fulfill its responsibilities in teaching and learning, research, management and the delivery of administrative services through the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Specific Objectives

Teaching and Learning

  • To ensure that ICT is applied effectively to educational content and delivery.
  • To ensure transfer of technology “know-how” through ICT literacy program, awareness, utilization programs, and orientation.


  • To ensure that access mechanisms (local and on-line) are placed for end-users to access research materials (e.g. high-quality databanks, relevant catalogues, journals, etc.)
Administrative Services
  • To provide strategic plans for ICT to support the Colegio’s ICT needs within existing and changing boundaries of strict financial, legal and social constraints.
  • To stimulate innovation in creating new and improved ways of delivering administrative services through systems development.
  • maintain and improve existing ICT infrastructure thereby ensuring optimum use of ICT investments and obtain desired benefits of:
  • Increased equitable access to information,
  • More productive ways to communicate,
  • Greater flexibility in approaches to educational delivery and administrative services.
ITSD Services

TheInformation Technology Services Department offers various services to students, employees and alumni. Among the services offered by the office are as follows:

Enrolment System
LIEM is the acronym for Letran Integrated Enterprise Management System. It facilitates the processing of the student’s enrolment, adjustments, authorized withdrawals and shifting among others. It also assists the faculty in the processing of the encoding and change of grades.

Internet Research Laboratory
The IRL is a computer laboratory equipped with the latest technology. It provides students and faculty members the opportunity to explore enormous information offered by the web. Currently, we have a bandwidth of 8Mbps. The bandwidth will increase annually by 2Mbps for the next two years.

Computer Laboratories
We have ten computer laboratories, including two laboratories each for the high school and grade school departments, spread all over the colegio. These computer laboratories are equipped with the latest available technology. Further, we are constantly upgrading our hardware and software in order to meet the needs of the time.

WIFI "Wireless Fidelity"
The Colegio provides wireless access to computing and information resources for students and employees within institutional priorities and financial capabilities. The campus including the St Liem de la Paz Dormitory is a wifi zone. Students using their laptops, tablets and cellphones can access the web and download their academic requirements from EBSCO Host. EBSCO contains various on line journals that can be uploaded.

Email Services
Students are assigned with their email accounts so they can interact with their professors as well as with the other students.

Student’s Academic Portal (DotLetran)
The Student’s Portal contains their academic data such as, grades, checklists, class schedules and professors among others.

Letran Website
The Letran Website contains information such as the colegio’s rich history being a “silent witness” of the triumphs and travails of Philippine history, its illustrious heritage which includes a saint and distinguished gentlemen who have carved a niche in our history composed of presidents and heroes, relevant mission and vision statements, pertinent institutional objectives, spiritual Dominican Philosophy in education, admission policies and requirements for its, elementary, high school, collegiate and graduate school, events and facilities among others.

Systems Development
The ITC is the colegio’s frontrunner in the development of various systems ranging from the general ledger, on line requisition, ASIS, PMAS, Guidance & Counseling System and the Admission System, among others.

Message from the Director
Asst. Prof. Henry B Pahilanga

Welcome to the Information Technology Services Department, whose mission is to promote and integrate technology to advance education, research and administrative services, where we would like you to encounter latitude of opportunities and considerable learned encounters resulting to your humungous personal advancement. Being a support group, we would like to lend a hand to all those who needs our assistance. Thus, we would like to convey our wholehearted message to the Letran Community. For our customers, we would like to serve you to the best of our ability by supplying your needs for the fulfillment of our common goal, the realization of our valued mission and vision. Thus, we are soliciting your feedback in order for us to assist you in addressing areas that needs improvement. Hence, we will constantly search for new technological ways in order to improve our services. For our suppliers, we are relying on you for support in order for us to serve the needs of our customers. We will constantly collaborate with each other to find mutual ways to assist them better. For our iNCAS colleagues, we know that we are overwhelmed with a lot of activities, but our resources are limited. Nevertheless, we have to be proactive and stay focused in our undertakings. We have to be remarkably creative, uniquely imaginative and exceptionally passionate. We should devote our best effort for our customers. However, we should not settle for our best. For we know, we could do it better. Thank you and ARRIBA LETRAN!

Contact Information

As we have dedicated our services for the betterment of the Letran Community, you may contact the following ITC personnel for their services at local 631 / 633.

Mr. Henry B. Pahilanga

Mr. Christopher O. Seno
Lead Developer

Ms. Jocilyn D. Aserios
Data Encoder & Administrative Staff

Mr. Alfie C. Bigornia
Data Quality and Application Support In-Charge

Mr. Meynard Natzy C. Orpilla
System Analyst Programmer

Mr. Mark Alvin M. Mangune
System Analyst Programmer

Information Technology Services Department
3/F, St. Vincent Ferrer Building
Colegio de San Juan de Letran
151 Muralla St. Intramuros, Manila, PH 1002

Tel. no. (632) 527-7693 to 97 loc. 631 / 633