• To provide professional assistance to students in dealing with their career, school and personal/social related issues, concerns and difficulties
  • To provide professional assistance that is needs-based to a specific group of students who have special or peculiar needs
  • To provide highly experiential activities that would try to explore and promote the total well-being of the clientele of the Guidance Center
  • To provide students developmental and psychological grounded activities that are responsive to their identified needs
  • To assist students in exploring various career opportunities, prepare themselves to become more globally competitive, and responsive to the trends and demands of the world of work
  • To provide the academic community with the necessary guidance data that are based on studies conducted amongst students
  • Conduct of Orientation of the Guidance Services to all Students
  • Conduct of Counseling Needs Assessment to all New Students
  • Creative Parenting Seminar
  • SLE’s (Collegiate)
    • Adjustment to College Life
    • Study Habits, Financial and Time Management Seminar
    • Power Image Seminar
    • Job Search Readiness Seminar
  • SLE’s (Basic Education)
    • The Value of Play Series
    • Study Skills Seminar
    • Values Clarification Workshop Series
    • Gender Sensitivity Seminar
    • Personality Development Workshop Series
    • Leadership Training Seminar
    • Career Symposium
    • Power Image
  • Mock Interview to all Graduating Students
  • Arriba Job Fair
  • Routine Interview and Exit Interview

The department also recognizes and appreciates the developmental tasks of an individual, which can be achieved through the utilization of various guidance services. The Guidance team believes in the uniqueness, capabilities and potentials of individuals to achieve a balance in their total well-being.

  1. An individual is a unique social being.
  2. The development of an individual is sequential, predictive, and a life-long process.
  3. The pedagogy of education is a learning continuum in knowing oneself, doing good for others, and making a difference.
  4. Guidance and education are highly interrelated constructs. In the realm of life and in the counseling profession, every individual submits himself to the power of the Supreme Being.

Individual and Group Counseling
This service gathers information and establishes counseling relationship with new students and parents. It also assists students in coming up with options in their career, school and personal /social related issues, concerns and difficulties. To some extent, it also facilitates and manages complex cases.

Psychological Assessment
This service assesses emotional, psychological, and intellectual capabilities of students (regular testing). It also provides testing services to students based on requests and referrals (special testing).

Individual Inventory
This service maintains students’ individual records for reference in planning and designing activities for the students. The records of students serve as the basis of different services such as information and research services.

Information Service
This service acquaints students with the departmental services policies and procedures. It also explores and promotes the educational, occupational and personal/social wellness of the students and equips them with the necessary skills and training for their holistic development.

Research and Evaluation
This service provides studies based from student performances. The guidance research outputs support the Colegio’s research center in pursuing its goal towards development

Career and Placement
This service assists students in exploring various career opportunities and helps them find the right job after graduation. It also establishes linkages with reputable companies that serve as partners in job matching placement.

  • Individual Inventory- Elementary
  • Individual Inventory- High School
  • Individual Inventory-College
  • Initial Interview Form
  • Routine Interview-Prep-Grade 2
  • Routine Interview- Grade 3-4
  • Routine Interview- Grade 5-6
  • Routine Interview- Collegiate
  • Intake Interview Form
  • Informed Consent
  • No Harm/Safety Contract Form
  • Parent’s Interview-Basic Education
  • Needs Assessment Survey- Elementary
  • Needs Assessment Survey-High School
  • Needs Assessment Survey- College
  • Call slip
  • Referral
  • Reply to referral slip
  • Anecdotal
  • Counselor’s note
  • Individual Counseling Record
  • Exit Interview- Basic Education
  • Exit Interview- College
  • Counseling Needs Survey for Faculty Members
  • Counseling Experience Evaluation Form
  • Mock Interview Form
  • Job Posting Form
  • Behavioral Contract
  • Parental Consent
  • Daily Counseling Appointment Log
Message of the Director

This year marks an exciting delivery of Guidance and Counseling services of our office. True to our mission in promoting the psychological well-being of the Letranites in achieving a satisfying school life, expect activities that will enhance your academic, social and career skills and attitude through seminars, trainings, psycho-education sessions, symposiums, counseling (individual and small group), and other psychological interventions. The qualified and competent Guidance personnel will be more hands-on and on-the go in the delivery of these services. Our office takes pride with the equipped facilities, tools, and materials to complement the above mentioned services. We are inviting you to visit our new office located at the 3rd floor of St. Albert the Great Building (Student Center) to experience the redefined Guidance and Counseling Services of the Colegio. “We shall walk with you in your journey here in the Colegio”.


3rd Floor St. Albert The Great (SC) Building
8:00a.m to 5:00p.m. Mondays thru Fridays
Trunk line: (+63) (2)527-7693 to 97
Loc. 341 – Office of the Director and College Guidance
Loc. 342 – Basic Education Guidance
Loc. 343 – Senior High School Guidance
Loc. 344 - Career and placement Office and Testing Service Unit


Asst. Prof. Efraem A. Janairo, M.Ed., LPT, RGC
Contact Details: (+63)(2)527-7693 to 97 Loc 341

Abigail G. Taladtad, MAEd., RPm, RGC
Guidance Counselor, CLAS
Contact Details: (+63)(2)527-7693 to 97 Loc 341

Cora-Lynne A. Regencia, RGC
Guidance Counselor,CEIT
Contact Details: (+63)(2)527-7693 to 97 Loc 341

Harold Sto. Domingo, LPT (MA Cand.)
Counseling Staff, CBAA
Contact Details: (+63)(2)527-7693 to 97 Loc 341

Renelene Joy D. Tallod, RGC, RPm
Guidance Counselor, Senior High School
Contact Details: (+63)(2)527-7693 to 97 Loc 343

Patrick Angelo S. Romano, RPm, ( MA Cand.)
Counseling Staff, K-G10
Contact Details: (+63)(2)527-7693 to 97 Loc 342

Ciara Janica T. Zalameda, RPm
Contact Details: (+63)(2)527-7693 to 97 Loc 344

Ma. Gabriella S. Sta. Maria
Career and Placement Officer;
Contact Details: (+63)(2)527-7693 to 97 Loc 344

Romeo Noel Panganiban, RPm
Management Staff
Contact Details: (+63)(2)527-7693 to 97 Loc 341

Diana Jeane Mae A. Japon, RPm
Counseling Staff – Basic Education / Psychometrician
Contact Details: (+63)(2)527-7693 to 97 Loc 342