• Enhances the leadership skills and core competencies of the students
  • Implements programs for the promotion of the Letran core values and advocacies
  • Leads in the organization of special events for students related to culture, arts and sports
  • Participates actively in the community service program
  • Participates in the research undertakings of the school


  • Leads in the recruitment of new student assistants
  • Ensures the proper observance of the different scholarship programs which includes free housing, food, books and allowance
  • Promotes wellness program by providing health programs


  • Recognizes and monitors the performance of all student organizations and student government and the official student publication
  • Implements disciplinary services of the School stipulated in the Student Handbook
  • Monitors closely the individual performance of student assistants
  • Monitors the health programs and sanitation of food services

The OSWD is a medium of connection which communicates and explores the needs of students to the Administration as well as helping them to find their community in the Colegio.

RSO Application Form

Form 01 - Application for Recognition
Form 02 - In Campus Activity Form
Form 03 - Off Campus Activity Form
Form 04 - Accomplishment Report Form
Form 05 - Fund Raising Activity Form
Form 06 - Cashflow Statement Form
Minutes of the Meeting Template
Officer Information Sheet




Recognized Student Organizations Description AY 2018-2019

Letran Student Council
The highest governing body for students which serves as the voice of the students. The council is designed to help promote school spirit and leadership among students.

The Lance

Letran Peer Facilitators Association
Letran Peer Facilitators’ Association is a dynamic organization under the support of Letran Guidance and Counseling Center, which aims to strengthen the camaraderie among the students of the Colegio. As well as to serve as an avenue for the students to further develop their talents, skills, and knowledge.

Letran Tourism Society
The Letran Tourism Society stands as the foundation of the Tourism Management program that will help build up and augment its community to develop themselves into globally competitive students. Furthermore, to hone their capabilities and will serve as an outstanding individual in the organization.

Letran CHEFS (Culinary, Hospitality, Events & Flair tending Society)
Letran CHEFS is an academic & extracurricular student organization which aims to promote camaraderie among students, expose them to the different fields of the hospitality industry through participating in related competitions, academic trainings and community service.

Letran Junior Financial Executives (LJFINEX)
LJFINEX is the official student body of Letran’s Financial Management students that will provide different activities that will holistically hone them to become academically competent, God-fearing, socially responsible and responsive leaders and builders of the community.

Letran Psychology Society
LPS promotes wholesome social, cultural as well as physical development among students to uplift the ideals and spirit of knighthood.

S.C.R.I.B.E. (Students’ Creative Innovation to the Burgeoning Environment)
The first organization managed by journalism students’ which yields the personal development of the students in the field of writing.

Letran Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants
LJPIA intends to assert a dynamic and responsible leadership to protect and promote the welfare and interest of accountancy students for them to attain a high degree of moral, social and intellectual growth.

Knights TV
Knights Cable Television Network is the official closed-circuit television network of Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Manila.

Recognized Student Organizations Description AY 2018-2019

The official and legit mother organization of Letran Political Science. It aims to develop each student’s skills regarding their chosen field.

Philippine Association of Food Technologist Tau-Chapter (PAFT-TAU Chapter)
We are aiming to develop spiritually and morally empowered individuals as well as produce globally-competitive and socially responsible leaders of the society.

Letran Information Technology Society
The Letran Information Technology Society (LITS) is a co-curricular organization that will seek and promote the desire and aspiration of its members, cultivate and further advance our knowledge and skills in Information Technology and attain dignity.

Letran Junior Marketing AssociationLJMA serves as the medium of expression to bring out the best they can be and their interests as marketing students in Letran. LetranJMA also aims to adopt Marketing students in one and build as a strong team

Young Entrepreneur’s Society Letran
An organization composed of young and aspiring entrepreneurs students of Colegio de San Juan de Letran.

An organization that will continuously breed and catalyze Broadcasting majors in Letran.

Letran Engineering Society
The Letran Engineering Society, under the management of the College of Engineering, was established to promote the skills of Engineering students in Colegio de San Juan de Letran, inside or outside the walls of the school.

Letran Legal Management Society
The Letran Legal Management society was established for the encouragement and enhancement of skills and abilities of Legal Management Majors of the Colegio.

Letran Dominican Network Youth Group (LDYG)
LDYG is not an organization, but a family that upholds the ideals of St. Dominic de Guzman. We are part of the Religious Affairs and we offer our assistance to everything that we can help related to religious and academic affairs.

Letran Operations Management Society
Letran Operations Management Society was formed to unify, develop and train the students who are under the program of BSBA major in Operations Management.

Media Works
Media Works is an organization designed to help meet the mission and vision of the Colegio. It aims to produce events and/or programs that will develop inner potentials of Letranites, most especially the Communication major students.

Recognized Student Organizations Description AY 2018-2019

Blank Canvas Advertising

Letran Junior People Management Association

Philippine Association of Nutrition - Psi Gamma Chapter

Knight Snap

Letran Community Volunteers

Letran Filipiniana Dance Company

Letran Singing Ambassadors

Letran Band (Knights Royale Brigade)

Lakas Arriba Team (Letran Cheering Squad)

Teatro de Letran

Letran Squires Uknighted

Letran Forte

The Office of Student Welfare and Development to focus on the areas as provided in CMO 09 series 2013 or “Enhanced Policies and Guidelines on Student Affairs and Services”

  1. Student Welfare Services
  2. Student Development Services
  3. Institutional Student Programs and Services.
  • To assist the academic departments in their accreditation undertakings
  • To participate in the research undertakings of the institution
  • To recognize and monitor the performance of all student organizations, student government and the official student publication
  • To provide developmental activities that will enhance the leadership skills and the core competencies of the students
  • To implement the disciplinary policies of the Colegio stipulated in the Collegiate Student Handbook
  • To implement the Mandatory Drug Testing and Random Drug Testing Programs of the Colegio
  • To promote good health of students by providing health programs
  • To ensure that the requisites of the different scholarship programs are properly observed
  • To ensure that all canteen concessionaires comply with the Sanitation Code of the Philippines
  • To develop and implement programs for the promotion of the Letran Core Values and advocacies
  • To formulate and execute programs that will help the Letran community in imbibing the characteristics of a Letranite
  • To participate actively in the community service programs of the Colegio
  • To implement the revised Student Assistant Program of the Colegio
  • To lead in the recruitment of new student assistants and closely monitor their individual performance.
  1. Information & Orientation Services
    • Student Care Center
  2. Student Handbook Development
  1. Student Activities - supervision, recognition and monitoring of Recognized Student Organizations and their activites. (e.g. Letramurals )
  2. Student Organizations and Activities- recognition/accreditation supervision and monitoring of student groups, including the evaluation of their activities.
  3. Leadership Training – programs and opportunities to develop and enhance leadership effectiveness in the personal level and student organizations (e.g. uKNIGHTed : The Letran Student Leadership Developmental Program)
  4. Student Council/Government
  5. Student Discipline –judicious implementation of institutional rules and regulations governing student behavior and conduct.
  6. (e.g. Board of Discipline)
  7. Student Publication- THE LANCE.
  1. Scholarship and Financial Assistance
    • Blessed Antonio Varona Ortega Athletic Scholarship
      The Blessed Antonio Varona Ortega Athletic Scholarship aims to mold individual athletes to become spiritually, morally, psychologically, intellectually and physically healthy for active athletic competitions. It is designed to help financially incapable students to pursue a career by giving them quality education while pursuing excellence in sports.
    • Blessed Jesus Villaverde Andres Academic Scholarship
      The Academic Scholarship Program provides a competitive, merit-based financial assistance to the students of Letran who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement.
    • San Juan Macias Student Assistantship
      The San Juan Macias Student Assistantship was established to enable the students who are financially handicapped but deserving and intellectually capable pursue their college education. Letran provides the needy but deserving undergraduate students an opportunity to acquire a college education by hiring them as Student Assistants of Letran.
    • Fra Angelico Cultural Scholarship
      The Fra Angelico Cultural Scholarship aims at providing significant training grounds for artistic students multiple opportunities to home their talents here and abroad. Believes in ‘no aspiring artist left policy’. It is a vehicle in promoting Letran core values and advocacies in programs that develop the talents and skills through performing arts and uphold the Cultural heritage of Letran.
  2. Student Housing and Residential Services
    • San Vicente Liem De la Paz Dormitory
  3. School Clinic
UKnighted June
Binyag Arriba June
PEP Rally June
Letramurals September
Colegio Week November
Paskong Arriba December
Arriba Fest December
Letran Student Council Elections February
Sulong Arriba April
Graduation Party April

Health Services

Asst. Prof Catherine Sanchez

As the Office for Student Welfare and Development, we are your partners to ensure a positive learning experience during your stay here. Since Letran is your second home, this is where you will also be molded into persons who take pride in their school, country and faith. This will be your foundation to commit yourself to building a community and a nation that will exhibit the best of being a Filipino and a Christian.

Contact Information

Office of Student Welfare and Development(OSWD)
3rd Floor, Student Center Building
151 Muralla Street, Intramuros, Manila
Telephone No. 527-7693 to 97

OSWD (local 321)
Clinic (local 322)

Office Schedule

Monday, Wednesday (7AM to 5:30PM)
Tuesday, Thursday (7AM to 6PM)
Friday (7:30AM to 5:30PM)
Monday to Thursday (7AM to 8PM)
Friday (8AM to 6:30PM)
Saturday (7AM to 4PM