Letran Research Center is responsible in providing quality researches and publications to intensify the research culture of the Colegio. Along with its mission to become the torch of light and knowledge, the center aims to:

  • Push the frontiers of knowledge across the identified higher education disciplines in the country;
  • Enhance the research capability of the members of the institution;
  • Provide accurate and updated information to academic departments regarding responsive and relevant program of studies;
  • Promote professional growth through research.
SRM Forms

Our Vision
The Letran Research Center envisions itself in the forefront of scholarly researches in the Philippines recognized by the international academic community.

Our Mission
The Letran Research Center is committed to develop a culture of research through the enhancement of the capability of every member of the institution to become a community of professionals making just decisions in addressing global issues guided by the Dominican charism.

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Services Offered

Statistical Consultation
Students of the Colegio and external clients may avail of the professional services of statisticians certified by the Center. Certified Statisticians are professionals who are trained and had proven track record in the application of statistics in research. They will guide students/clients in choosing the most appropriate statistical tool/s for the study, prepare and validate the research instruments, process the gathered data, assist them in the preparation of the statistical report (tables and figures) following the APA format, and assist them in the analysis and interpretation of the results.

Procedure of Availment of Statistical Consultation Services
  1. Secure and accomplish a Statistician’s Services Form (Form SR03) from the Center (also available at the Letran website).
  2. Submit all pertinent data about the study: rationale, objectives/hypotheses, conceptual framework, and survey instrument.
  3. Pay the required fees at the cashier depending on the statistical treatment to be used (see list of statistical services).
  4. Upon completion of the task, the certified statistician shall issue the Certificate of Statistical Treatment (Form SR04).
Table of Fees for Statistical Consultation
Language Editing Services

Language editing services are also being offered by the Center to the students of the Colegio as well as external clients. Certified language editors trained and have shown track record in copy and content editing of researches are available for such need. They are to proofread the manuscripts of the student researchers/clients and suggest grammatical improvements in their manuscripts.

Procedure for the Availment of Language Editing Services
  1. The student/client should secure and accomplish a Language Editing Form (SR06) from the Center (also available at the Letran website) and pay the required fees at the cashier depending on the number of pages (see list of language editing services).
  2. The student/client should submit to the assigned Certified Language Editor the paper for editing, tracking and encoding the dates of language editing transactions.
  3. Upon completion of the task, the certified Language Editor shall issue the Certificate of Language Editing (Form SR07).
Table of Fees for Language Editing
Requirements for Statistician Consultation and Language Editing
Our Objectives
  1. To enhance the research skills of every member of the Colegio through conducting training and workshops;
  2. To provide funding and assistance in the research endeavors of the members of the institution;
  3. To disseminate new and valuable knowledge through publication of quality researches in reputable national and international journals;
  4. To establish local and international linkages through collaboration and paper presentation.
Research Agenda
  1. To facilitate and regulate student researches for the different major courses.
  2. To encourage faculty in the conduct of researches in their respective areas of discipline.
  3. To assist in the decision-making process of the institution by providing research-based information.
  4. To produce quality researches in the fields of business, social sciences, and education.
  5. To publish institutional research journals (ie. Luz y Saber, Antorcha, and Graduate School Journal).

Research Capacity Building Program (RCBP)
The program provides both academic and non-academic employees of the Colegio an opportunity to hone further their research skills by identifying, organizing and exposing warm and active bodies in research to current trends and modalities through faculty development seminars and fora.

Project TORCH (Training Opportunities for Research Competence Honing)
Aside from providing regular seminar writeshops to the faculty researcher, the project also aims to provide certification courses for Research Methods faculty, advisers, statisticians and language editors for the purpose of enhancing their research skills.

Research Publication Program (RPP)
The program intends to assist employee researchers to produce quality researches in their own field and publish their work in reputable peer-reviewed journals. It also intends to give recognition to productive researches.

Research Output Tracking for Empowerment (Project ROTE)
The project aims to assist the faculty researches in the conduct of their research by providing constructive feedback on their research output on a piecemeal basis based on what they have learned in the seminar writeshops.

Research Assistance Program (RAP)
The program intends to create committees certified by the Center who can provide technical assistance to both graduate and undergraduate students in accomplishing their thesis and dissertations and securing certificates of originality and language editing for their researches.

Research Assistance& Direction of students’ thesis and dissertations (Project ReAD)
This project aims to assist both graduate and undergraduate students in the conduct of their research by providing them with the necessary assistance in statistical treatment, language editing and Turnitin processing of their researches.

Research Visibility Program (RVP)
The program gives opportunity to resident employee researchers to create their niche in research through exposure to research scholarship and/or fellowship, dissemination of relevant research findings in recognized seminars and conferences and establishment of favorable linkages and collaboration with reputable and international agencies.

Research Collaboration and Networking (Project ReCON)
This project aims to establish favorable linkages w/ national and international agencies/ institutions to define parameters for faculty development and exchange program including research collaboration.

Faculty Overseas Research Training and Exposure (Project FORTE)
The project gives opportunity to resident faculty researchers to further hone their research skills and know-how through exposure to research scholarships and/ or fellowship. Additionally, it gives an opportunity for the faculty researcher to disseminate relevant research findings in recognized seminars and conferences for increased visibility index.

Presentation Skills Enhancement (Project PreSE)
This project seeks to hone the research presentation skills of both faculty and students. Colloquia shall be organized for this purpose. Likewise, the Center shall post announcements of venues with Call for Papers.sss

Research Awards for Publications (Project ReAP)
This project aims to recognize the productivity of researchers, not only through monetary incentives, but also through recognition by the administration and peers.

Key Priorites

Capacity and Development Policy

  1. Governance
    • Public Resources
    • Government Procurement Systems
    • Public Financial Management
  2. Growth and Competitiveness
    • Skills and Innovation Policy
    • Knowledge Economy
    • Education and Innovation
    • Sustainable and Land Use Planning

Environmental and Climate Change Mediation

Communication and Green Media Development

Human Capital Investment

  • Talent Management
  • Dynamic Capitalism
  • Education Investment and Economic Growth
  • Human Capital Investment

Organizational Culture, Leadership and Development

  • Organizational Practices, Culture and Change
  • Organizational Knowledge
  • Transformation of Organizations in Emerging and Changing Societies
  • Higher Education as Organization
Contact Information

Letran Research Center
Colegio de San Juan de Letran
151 Muralla st. Intramuros, Manila, Philippines
527-7693-97 loc. 122